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Ceiling Tile

Visually stunning, highly functional Sola Felt ceiling tile. This product is NRC rated, easy to install, and comes in two sizes you can use to fill almost any size of ceiling.

Create your Signature Clario Ceiling Tile

  • What you get

    4 tile minimum for the 24" (609 mm) x 24" (609 mm) option or a 2 tile minimum for the 24" (609 mm) x 48" (1219 mm) option.

  • Material Choices

    Sola Felt

  • Design Choice

    — Tile size
    — Sola Felt color

  • Product Features

    — Clario has an NRC rating of .70 (Alpha W 0.65 MH)
    — Made of 3/16" (4.5 mm) Sola Felt offered in 14 colors
    — Easy to install with flat tiles available for obstructions, cutouts or irregular sizes
    — Design online using the Clario configuration tool

  • Lead Time

    Two-weeks (not including transit time)

Use this product's 14 color Sola Felt palette to create a sound absorbing ceiling that will have the room looking up.

Choose Color
Create Comfort

Made using our PET technology and 50% post-consumer recycled material, Sola Felt is available in 14 colors.

Sola Felt

Design Tools

Look Up

Start Customizing

Ready to create your own Clario ceiling feature? Our online design tool allows you to choose your size, color, and layout, view your design in 3D, and quickly obtain pricing.

Clario Design Tool
  • Easy to Install

    Works with standard grid systems

    Easy to Install
  • Small Size

    24" (609 mm) x 24" (609 mm)

    Small Size
  • Large Size

    24" (609 mm) x 48" (1219 mm)

    Large Size
  • Easy Shipping

    Tiles fold flat for easy shipping

    Easy Shipping
In the picture

Clario Tile

Material  |  Sola Felt
Color  |  Mineral

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Baffling Beauty Achieve Acoustic Clarity with Clario

Visually stunning, highly functional Sola Felt ceiling baffles that will make your overhead space stand out.

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