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Our desk partitions integrate seamlessly into existing office layouts to divide personal workspaces. Enhance safety without compromising design.

Create your Signature Desk Partition

  • Material Choices

    Sustainable and fire safe material options include translucent 1/4" Varia, 3/8" acoustical Sola Felt, or optically clear 1/4" PETG Gloss.

  • Design Choice

    — Select your color or pattern from the options below
    — Brackets available in black or white
    — Choose from five configurations to fit your workspace
    – Front
    – Side
    – U
    – L Left
    – L Right

  • Product Features

    — Non-damaging surface bracket hardware easily attaches with 3M VHB tape (option to attach hardware with screws)
    — V-grooved corners allow for flat shipping and on-site bending
    — Available with stylish cutouts for cable management

Made from Varia or Sola Felt, these dividers offer durability, cleanability, translucency, and a wide range of color and pattern options.

Define Space
With 5 Configurations

Select from 5 standard shapes to accommodate your specific workspace. From a minimal side partition, to an all encompassing U, these Desk Partitions have got you covered.

  • Front

    57.75" W × 24" H

  • Side

    38" W × 24" H

  • U

    58.20" W × 18.20" D × 24" H

  • L (Left)

    57.75" W × 18.25" D × 24" H

    L (Left)
  • L (Right)

    57.75" W × 18.25" D × 24" H

    L (Right)
Desk Partition
In the picture

Desk Partition Privacy Screen

Material  |  Varia
Pattern  |  Hem Abbot
Hardware  |  Black

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