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Modular Partition

Hardware mounts Varia panels in a minimal way that maximizes the impact of your design creations with unobstructed verticals.

Create your Signature Freestanding Modular Partition

  • What you get

    One 48" × 96" x 3/8" (1220 mm × 2440 mm × 9.5 mm) freestanding Varia partition.

  • Material Choices


  • Design Choice

    — Varia color and pattern options

  • Product Features

    — One 48" × 96" x 3/8" (1220 mm × 2440 mm × 9.5 mm) Varia panel is the smallest unit. Widths larger than 48" will use additional panels. Smaller sizes will be cut from the full panel
    — 12" × 24" (305 mm × 610 mm) minimum and a maximum height of 96" (2440 mm)
    — Free-standing partition requires no attachment to a ceiling
    — Must be anchored into a concrete floor

  • Lead Time

    Three weeks (not including transit time)

Side mounted Varia panels means your creation of color, highres imagery, patterns and more won't end until they reach the ceiling or floor.



Dynamic Translucency

Our translucent Varia resin outer layers can be left clear, or colored with 250 hues for limitless luminosity. Customize the panel's interlayer with a pattern or color to create your own unique statement.
Discover Varia
  • Beam

    (Profile View)

  • Two Piece

    Side Clamping Brackets

    Two Piece
  • Versa

    2-Part Baseplate for Concrete KIT

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Freestanding Partition

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