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Two shapes of our rockstar material, Varia Ecoresin, come with our Shapes hardware system easy ceiling attachment. All that's needed is your own unique design flare.

Create your Signature Shapes Alta

  • What you get

    Two Alta Shapes cut from a 48" × 96" × 1/4" (1220 mm × 2440 mm × 6.5 mm) Varia panel.

  • Material Choices


  • Design Choice

    — Varia color and pattern options

  • Product Features

    — Variable socket specialty Shapes hardware system for ceiling attachment
    — Anchoring substrate or blocking must accommodate the weight of panels
    — Variable sockets allow cables to be angled in different directions
    — Holes in the Shapes come pre-drilled
    — Includes 8' (2438.4 mm) cable length

  • Lead Time

    Three weeks (not including transit time)

Create your own expression of color, pattern, HighRes images, and more with Alta's two Varia Ecoresin shapes.



Dynamic Translucency

Our translucent Varia can be left clear, colored with a range of timeless options, or add patterns to make a unique statement.
Discover Varia
  • Shape 1 Dimensions

    53" x 45" x 7"

    Shape 1 Dimensions
  • Shape 2 Dimensions

    52" x 44" x 10"

    Shape 2 Dimensions
  • Variable Socket

    3x attachments per shape

    Variable Socket
  • Custom Alignment

    Allows cables to be angled

    Custom Alignment
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Shapes Alta

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Big Scale Drama Go Up and Above with Shapes